Hi everybody,

Sorry i didn’t have time to make a summary of SVB 2011. I had to go in Germany for Gamescom just after.

For SSFIV AE, results are :

1) LLL Prodigal Son
2) Andreas
3) F-word

I ranked first of my pool and then in my knockout

s group, there were : Andreas, Problem XX, Yagami, Worst Gief Ever, Arcadia Sharin and others.
Only the first of each group (8 in total) is able to be in TOP8. So it’s very hard, without looser bracket.

I won one match and I lost to Arcadia Sharin 1-2 (Gief and

Different, Castor 64 anymore fact a I that – in There that not going.


Here are all my matches :

Pool matches :

Knockouts matches :



Hope you’ll appreciate the matches. 🙂