Hi everybody!

I’d like to thank Namco Bandai with Hayato and Olivier, the community managers that have supported us, along with Furzy who was in charge of the streaming, and Malek, Asenkaand Saitoh, who came earlier to help (and play lol ;)). And of course, the association Gnouz Corp and the websites SoulCalibur.fr and 8WayRun for their support.

Thanks to all those who came to the event and those who have watched the stream!! You were over 21 700 to have watched the stream live!!!
I thank you for your kind messages that go straight to my heart and give me even more motivation to contribute to the promotion of the game and the community!

You can see the event pictures on my Facebook page.
Videos of Casuals and Team Tournament extracted from the stream in my Youtube Account here !

On the occasion of the event, Hisaharu Tago-san, producer of Soul Calibur V with Daishi Odashima, has expressed a message to the Soul Calibur Community, you can see the video of me reading the message ( I was discovering it at the same time) :

Kayane reading Tago-san message


The community thanks Tago-san for his attention which has really pleased us all.

Next, a Team Battle 5vs5 was organised, thanks to Asenka for the organisation ! 🙂

Team Battle Soul Calibur V

Videos of the tournament extracted from the stream in my Youtube Account here !
There were 8 teams in total !
Finals between La Triade VS Cosa Nostra :

La Triade (Saitoh, Hayate, Kayane, Akire, Eggmaster) won !

La Triade won the Team Tournament Soul Calibur V (EIN is missing)

Some videos where I played casuals :

Kayane(Zwei, Natsu) VS Keev (Pyrrah) & Dina (Hilde)

Kayane (Natsu) VS Dina (Hilde) :


Soul Calibur V Impressions by some Top French players

Now, let’s talk about Top french players impressions about Soul Calibur V !
I’m sorry I don’t have time to translate all french posts so I choose some of them, it took a long time to translate already.


Malek’s impressions about the game :

The game graphics are perfect, the artworks are however nicer than the final 3D render.

Concerning the speed, I had the impression that all characters had the same way to move. I believe this will be changed in the coming builds. The quick step just seems to be a more simple and efficient step in the end. I don’t really see the strengths of step compared to quick step. In which case should we use one or the other option? I don’t know…

Concerning the Ring out philosphy, It’s too early to talk about it. We’ll obviously figure out ways to RO with time.
4B from Mitsu is an example of a blow reoriented towards RO. So we’ll have to have every move on our minds to judge properly all this.

The Just Guard System : Timing is not that complicated. On slow blows, and multiple attacks, it can be managed with some training. It’s an interesting defense system, but difficult to judge it in only two days. I like it for now, but don’t know if it will still be the case in two years from now.

The Critical Edge CE system (without entering into details, or impressions for each character) : The CE seems to me extremely powerful after a GI. Maybe even too powerful… I believe we should be able to GI the GEs ( except for throws). I like it though. It fits pretty well in a 3D game I think.

The Brave Edge system : Very good. But it takes a reason to use some bar for one hit. So the BE has to be very useful.

The Guard Crush system : Very good but still requires some adjustments. It really has to be useful for some characters only and not the whole cast. It allows to orient the strengths of the characters according to their styles and I like that.

The Guard Impact system : It’s too early to have an opinion. CE after a GI seems too powerful to me, when GI without CE seems far weaker than before because it requires a ressource. I’m not fully convinced yet, I need to see more.


His Ivy impressions

Ivy impressions


You can find directly his impressions in 8wayrun on this link


Saitoh’s impressions (Astaroth’s player)

His opinion about the game :

First thing to say is that it’s beautiful.Even more than the 4, the stages are more detailed, the work on the characters is even nicer ( when it’s only a demo and we’re 6 months before the release date!).
The musics are excellent, we’re really impatient to hear them all and to get a hold of the OST.

Then about the gameplay, the first thing we noticed was that it goes way faster than in SC 4, the moves have come back to what they were in the previous versions.
The « Super » bar makes the fights even more dynamic. The Critical Edges give a dramatic feeling to the fights, and the Brave Edges bring quite spectacular variants to the moves or additions to Combos
We’ve not yet been able to test in detail the JustGuard system but have the feeling it will bring a lot in the games depth.
The Guard bar is also very present and goesdown pretty quickly when you spend your time in Guard, especially .vs pressing characters like Maxi.

Overall the first impression is excellent, we are all impatient to play with it!

His Astaroth general impressions :


Astaroth Impressions


The character is monstruous for the moment, but not cracked.I would say that the most shocking thing that should be changed is his moving speed, especially the speed of his backdash.Regarding the other aspects, he’s very good, hurts a lot as usual. I love his Critical Edge, the animation is really awesome haha !

However the RO have lost in powerand you can feel it for the golem, too.

Detailed impressions about Astaroth’s move list here :

Saitoh’s impressions post about Astaroth in 8wayrun

Asenka’s impressions post about Asenka in 8wayrun


Keev’s impressions (Nightmare & Cassandra’s player)

As for me, I was very skeptical about Soul 5 and his Brave Edges and the changes of the GI and CE system.
However, after a few rounds, I was pleasantly surprised. The game is a lot faster and with the introduction of quick steps, it become really aggressive.
The new offensive possibilities add a technical aspect while we have to keep an eye on your Soul Gauge, as well as the one of your opponent.
As for the musics, even though there were only a few, I’m already fan of the Hilde and Patroklos themes, really epic musics like in soul 1. Finally the graphics are really impressive.
The stage backgrounds are very nicely animated.I really await impatiently the announcement of new characters.
However there are a few details that need some fixing but it’s only a demo version and Namco Bandai is really listening to the community, which is a great thing!

Soulcalibur 5 will really be a great game.


His Pyrrah impressions



On the demo version of Soulcalibur 5, I had the occasion to test Pyrrah, which is a mix between Sophitia and Cassandra.
She really does have the aggressivity of Cassandra and the blows from Sophitia. This character seemed to me to hold a great potential when it comes to attack (opening of guard,moves), as well as defense (punishment, whiff punish).


Keysona’s impressions about the game (Mitsurugi & Patroklos’ player)

Game speed is fun but requires to be « unbalanced ». Astaroths speed is not normal.Moving speed is what makes the strength or weakness of a character, everyone can’t have the same.

About the stages : The infinite stage is quite nice on surface, but does not correspond to Soulcalibur itself. Beyond this, I found/saw very few RO, I feel a nerf on this side.
I think it’s really a pity if it’s really the case in the final version, the RO are a strong feature of Soul, it brings a pressure and a field management that is found in no other game!

Just Guards : I’m still unsure about the Just Guards, because yes they will make the difference between the top players and the others. But what will it become with a character like Pyrrah or Patroklos ? A JG and then a 236B !?
Last thing that scares me, if we start to JG the BB, AA aso, what will the fights become in 2-3 years from now? A, B, 2A, Throw.. ?
I’m impatient to se how things will turn out.

Critical Edge : I really like the spectacular side of the CE. I vas very afraid of random to begin with, but after some testing I’m quite reassured, because when you random a fury, if he opponent has hit before, it does a collision, which puts us in a very big disadvantage, and lose 100% of the bar for nothing. We’ll see how this turns out at a high level.

Brave Edge : This system is from far what interests me the most in this new version!! It’s beautiful, strategic, and very pleasant! It allows to make combo variations according to the situations, it’s excellent! The management of the bar also brings a lot to the game.

Guard Impacts : The technique is not at all intuitive to begin with. Then, yes, it does GI all attack levels, but use some bar for a GI..? Especially if he whiffs you lose 25% and take heavy whiff punish damage.. Is it really worth it when you see the moves in the game? Isn’t it better to go for a just guard which is far less risky and doesn’t use any bar?

Tech throws : For that, I think we have to talk about them : we lose life even if we tech throw very early!
And when it’s done too late, we lose life and fall to the ground! At a high level, there will be many throws.


His opinion on Patroklos



Concerning his gameplay, he is the one who is the furthest from the generic style of the Alexandra family. Tends more to aggressivity than zoning and the stance that is the usual style of the family.
Pretty well balanced : tools to punish, open the guard ( invisible low, special throw), good middles.
Very good movements a little like all the characters, but his dash stays the best.


Kira’s impressions about ZWEI



I find him pretty charismatic, it’s an original character, a new gameplay.

I think that when the character will be done ( because we can see very well that it’s not the case) he could be an excellent zoning character, EIN has quite a long range and it is possible to move ZWEI while EIN attacks which is nice to zoning.
For the moment I think that EINs hits do very little damage, he seems very linear and ZWEI often makes a gesture before he summons EIN, which makes him very slow!
One thing I’ve noticed regarding EIN. We can’t use him if we still see him on the screen, even if he doesn’t do anything.

The CE: A low going very fast, that picks up from ground. So ways to do some chains in combo when opponent is on ground. The CE in itself does not take much life, but there is a garanteed combo afterwards.


Pantocrator’s impressions about Siegfried



I think he’s a very interesting character to play. Much more polyvalent. However he keeps his usual weaknesses : slow/unsafe

The stance game is much more interesting. Better tools, better cancels. A better potential to eat up some brain.
The character can move, provoke some whiffs.
He has damages in NH now. So better in mix-up and whiff punish.
He’s far stronger at mid-range.

Some command changes ( for example 4K becoming 6K when it had the ‘profile’ of a 4K)
Some tools seem to remain useless (example : 2KKKK)

His Critical Edge : stupid damage, very linear. You can crouch on reaction.
For the moment, i haven’t found any use. Even in combo.

Check out Pantocrator’s detailed impressions about Siegfried moves in 8wayrun !


Hajin’s impressions about Maxi




Maxi is far better now.
It’s just an early build, and the character is far from finished, but what I saw pleased me. I really love that new Maxi, he needs a lot more attention, but I think they go in the good direction.
His new damage output is cool, he can bring the pain. But as always he have to work his way to it.

Hajin did a very good job for Maxi detailed impressions and moves in 8wayrun on this link


Akire’s impressions about Mitsurugi




The character doesn’t have much in common with the previous Mitsu. He’s lost…well a bit everything I’d like to say.
He’s come back to Soul 1 but with even less things. He’s cool when you get to understand how it works, but if he stays in the current state, he’ll only be cool during one week of gametime.
Mitsu lost Relic. I’m still wondering about that choice. Relic is only the neutral position of a Mitsurugi in SoulCalibur 4.
Besides that, the Half moon stance still looks missing, and the other is still used to do the unstoppable, so nothing would I say except maybe for an obscure tech trap.
Mist becomes as it was before, a stance that seems to be there just to bring a little variety, nothing else. So honestly, I don’t understand.
The character becomes just ugly to look at, he’ll be fun for a few games and will be changed quickly.
But to be clear he seems to me pretty strong for the moment.

Check out more Akire’s detailed impressions about Mitsurugi in 8wayrun here


Akiru’s impressions about Tira




At first we are a little disoriented by all these changes far more subtle than planned. And finally we end up finding the sensations of 4 again.
Her stances are still random even if we notice that the changes are fewer.
The times when you started a combo in gloomy then the next move in Jolly and the next in Gloomy seem finished. Then again, you can’t be 100% sure after only a few rounds.
She looks more interesting than before but it will take a lot of work like in the 4 to get there.Except if really her 3B GL with following combo does half a bar and there, it can make the character real cracked.
Some of her flaws were fixed, but besides that she lost some tools and it’s too early to say it the new ones will compensate.
If it’s the case we’ll have a really fascinating character to play, and surely far more competitive.

Tira’s moves

Tira in soul 4 had access to many very useful moves in both stances that are now all in one stance.

The two concerned moves for me are :

_3B: Her 3b is now only accessible in Jolly.
However when we’re in Gloomy her 3B is equivalent to her 88B GL in soul 4. But her 3B jolly launches way higher the opponent, which allows some combos with 4 A A JF afterwards and it’s a very very good thing. She gains a lot from this because we’ll see that her new 3B gloomy is really excellent.

_Sweep 1K. Former 88K in soul 4, Tiras sweep is now only done in Jolly.
When you’re in Gloomy and do 1k, she does the same as her 1k in SC4. I hope the features of 1k gloomy have changed compared to 4 or else we lose a lot.

_11B in now only available in Jolly. That’s too bad because this move is one of the bases among the biggest phases of Tira which can do 1/3 bars very easily. But I’m not sure if we lost something to that or not. Because in gloomy, her 11B is a big move of reasonnable speed that seems to have nice features. I’m not sure if it’s blockstun but if it’s not the case it musn’t be far.
It’s the famous move where you see Tira dive making many moves with her hoop ( difficult to describe).

_22B : The combos finishing with 22 B seem to be finished. It’s due to the fact that when you do 22 she does a mini step that creates a little lag time before the move is performed. So then is it a matter of speed to do the tech, I don’t know but I have the feeling it doesn’t work anymore.

_1A, 22B doesn’t work anymore.
_22K, 22B neither
– WS B, 22B neither.

That’s the kind of combo not working anymore. The slow speed of 22B Jolly makes me avoid to zone with it really. I don’t trust that move anymore. I’ll see if it changes in the future.


Negative points

Tira lost much in counter that were her stregth in the 4.
Among the most important:

_3K: The equivalent to 6K in soul 4. Doesn’t make the opponent fall in counter anymore. But the real problem is the technique of the blow. Beeing a 3, we can’t do it after we block a low or then the phases 2A 6K can’t be done. Too bad.

_WS K : Doesn’t stun anymore in counter. Useless to say it’s a big negative point.

_WS B : No special animation in counter. There is however a combo after that we could see in the videos (the former WS B+K) that could compensate that.
But the tech has changed and I couldn’t figure out how to do the former WS B+K.

_6 A B JL. In counter the move doesn’t launch. Only the B must hit.

Besides this, there is not much to say.


Positive points

Her gameplay in 66666 or 44444 is now over. ok it was fun but in the end we gain a lot !

_6 A GL: The equivalent to her 666666A.It is not blockstun but there is no big disadvantage. But the best in all this, it STUNS IN NEUTRAL.
So either I had it each time in counter and I’m good, either it’s a moved to be used often in the future.

_3A GL. The equivalent to 6 AAAAA in GL in SC4. I haven’t checked but with the fact that the tech is 3, maybe now the first move is a mid.
To be verified. If not it’s exactly the same.

_4K: The equivalent to her 44444K. It seems to come out as quickly, you can’t chain it twice because it takes you too far.
But the gain is high because the fact that there is only one direction makes the punishments and the frame traps easy. She still stuns when we hit in Jolly though.

_1A: exactly the same as in soul 4. So excellent.

_4 A+B: The equivalent to her 44444B from soul 4. It’s 1000 times quicker. When I saw the move I said « Waaah ».
However I didn’t use it much but I feel this time it willl be really usefulfor example in post GI phase.

_3B: The equivalent of her 88B GL in soul 4. Quick, surely unsafe but haven’t checked, I was told there was a half bar combo after it.
Probably her most cracked move. At least in this demo.


Moves still there and efficient.

_66A Gl: The equivalent to her 22A GL in soul 4. Exactly the same, still combo maker with 2A+B.

_2A+B: still the same. In counter 4 A A passes in combo and 66A GL too. All fine then.

_66B JL: launches a lot higher. I think that 4 A A could work after which would be huge. I think I hit once on ground with it, must be checked, but it looks like an excellent move in this soul 5.

_22K: The equivalent to her 33K in soul 4. Exactly the same.

_4 B B B : Still there, same combo after.


The new moves.

2 new moves have caught my attention besides the 11B GL. :

_22 A JL: Very different from the one in soul 4. It’s a mid, anti step safe, that puts the opponent to the side in counter. No more evade or Ring Out feature, but at least it’s safe. The flaw seems it seems a little too slow.

_22A GL: Her famous anti step move, high, extremely quick. It’s not blockstun but there doesn’t seem to be a major disadvantage after. (I imagine somewhat – 2 ou -3) Overall this move is excellent and will have to use it random often while zoning. It makes the opponent fall and hurts. It’s exactly the equivalent to Nightmares AGA.


Her CE:

Extremely powerful. It’s very quick in Jolly, the end of the animation stuns the opponent probably for a little garanteed thing after that.
In gloomy she adds another hit that hurts a lot for at least 40% of the bar.
Overall, this will be one of her big advantages.

Unfortunately I didn’t manage to place her auto GI which is still B+K. I don’t know if the animation has changed or anything.


Ramza’s impressions (Taki/Natsu’s player)




My feeling is the same than the one of the other Taki players : Big disappointment -_-

It seems in fact that her game plan is completely different of the one from Taki. I think that Natsu is not at all played in pressing anymore, but a little more in zoning. Her PO starters are clearly weaker, but above all the fact that she cannot step anymore after a PO would make her pressing very linear and also more risky. If we add the fact that her AA seems less efficient, we could almost say that she has become a « regular » character.

Personally, by playing her, I felt a lot less pleasure than with Taki, and it’s probably what is most important. But of course, I only played a few games, and it was only a demo so some things will probably change before the release of the final version.

And then everything is not negative, I even noticed some positive things:

– Overall damage have increased (Hajin told me he’s found a half bar combo)
– The return of the PO B blockStun, which is better than the PO K blockStun because the second has a push back.
– Also the return of the low blow in PO, but I don’t know if it does Ring Out.
– AA 66 as punishment, it should not be that bad, because it would force a mind game just after.
– A6 JF easier, it would be a good thing if her A was as efficient as Takis.
– 11_77K launcher in neutral, Natsu would then have a not too slow and safe mid launcher.

NOTES for Natsu :

– No more AB, nor BA, nor 1BA

– No more 22_88A : Instead you have a mid (according to Cynefyl) that looks somewhat like the 2_8B+K,A from soul 3 (I don’t remember if that blow is in Soul 4)

– No move after the stalker (A+B)

– Cannot roll anymore after A6, but A6 JF is easier to do.

– No more FC2A+K

– No more BBB but BBK (K is a high, great…)

– AA : You can do B after which has the same animation than the B of 33A,BBB in Soul 4, except that here, by pressing B once, the animation goes all the way, and of course it’s not safe, which is normal.

You can also do AA 66 or AA [6] (some say) to teleport yourself in front of the opponent. Avoid to do it in block because it can be punished.

I also had the feeling that her AA takes longer even though it can still punish the bull rush.

– The old 66A is now A+B and you can press « 4 » to cancel the move to teleport behind, but she will be touched by long distance moves.

– 8K : The same animation than PO 8K from soul 3. I think I saw in a video that it was possible to follow with A, but I didn’t manage, maybe in Brave Edge.

– 2A+B is now done with 7_8_9A+B

– 44A now has the animation of the former B+K,A

Transitions to PO :

– 6A+B : former 3B~K

– 4A : same as in Soul 4

– 33_66_99A,B4 : the former 33_99A followed by the former 33_99B, by pressing 4 Natsu will feint the B then will disappear backwards in PO.

To begin with I found that pretty good, but this transition in PO places Natsu far from the opponent and thus some blows in PO can whiff.

– B,K : B,K PO B+K is combo, PO B+K is the same low as in soul 3

– 4A+B : the bomb, and the transition in PO is done with 66 I think

– And there is no more transition in PO after her little quick blow (2B~A) so 6KA PO, 4A+B A PO doesn’t exist anymore.

– nor after WS AA (at least I couldn’t)

Moves in PO :

– No more PO step T.T

– PO B : blockStun as in Soul 3

– PO A : like in Soul 3 too, the animation is the same as 2B~A, and as said above, no more transition to PO afterwards.

– PO K : equivalent to PO 7_8_9K

– PO B+K : the same low as PO 2K in soul 3

– PO A+B : the unstoppable

– PO 6 : PO rush seems quicker, and her cancel seems to be still there but I’m not sure.

– PO 8 : Hover

– PO 8A et PO 8B : the hover touches like in soul 4

– PO 8A+B : the same animation as A+K, B from soul 4

– PO 2 : fake hover

– Chris told me about another move in PO which would have the same animation than double B+K,A but the first blow wouldn’t be a low anymore. Also this move can also be done with 11_77A.

– New moves :

– 4B : palm blow, high rather quick that makes the opponent fall nearby in neutral like in counter

– 6A,B : a high followed by a mid, not natural combo. I found that move average.

– Brave Edge:

– After 66B : Former 66B,A. And I also think that 66B alone really hurts, maybe 50-60 damage.

– According to Hajin, after the throw in A.


Dina’s Hilde impressions




Hildes new logic to pushback instead of ring out is a brilliant idea. She’s even more fun to play but clearly doesn’t seem as powerful as an Asta.


Hilde still has charges :

– There are still three charge levels

– You can hold two charges at the same time

– The shortcuts were impossible to configure. Current configuration was L1= A+G, L2=B+G, R1= nothing, R2= A+B+K.

By using R2, I charged with A, with L1 or L2 I put the guard.

So there seems to be a priority system on the guard during key combinations.

– No auto-gi found on the charges.

– Charge times are quicker. Less than one second for the charge 1. About one and a half second for charge 2.

And less than three seconds for charge 3.

– No Guard Crush found on the charges.

– All charge launchers send behind Hilde so that you can’t doom combo anymore.

About her moves :

22B Heavy lance blow in guard break. Fairly good range. When it hit, she chains with another B and makes the opponent fall.

4B – Looks like the 4 from Kilik without the guard break. Not that good… TC.

[b]44B – Former 1B.

1B – Former 2 B+K

66A – SC4 but looks quicker with a better range.

3A – Former 44A. Auto gi mid B. Safe. When hit Hilde chains with a launcher to send behind her. Still as slow.

1A – SC4

44A – Former 3A. Seems to have lost in range and advantage.

4A – Former 6A+K.

6A/ 6AKB/6AKA – Former FCC3AKB/ FC3AKA. Without the blockstuns and still high mid mid/ high mid low.

3K – Former 66K.

66K – Same animation as WS K. Stun in CH.

WS K – knee blow, stun in Ch.

44K – Former 9K. Does not hit on ground.

7_8 K – Former 7K. The 7K has very little kickback and does not make fall. The 9K, I forgot to test that…It was useless move.

B+K – SC4 but makes fall when hit on close combat… I don’t see at which occasion this blow could be used because as I said charges launch behind Hilde, too far, and not high enough for a B+K.

A+B – Former WSA+B it seems.

6A+B – Former A+B. Slow, easily steppable as steps have been globally improved. Does not give priority. Consumes both charges. In a word : Useless.

2B+K – Former 33B. Makes fall.

6B+K – Former 44K.

C2B – SC4 but does not give priority. Sends behind Hilde when hits.

C3B – Former FCC3BBA. Seems punishable.

C1A – Former FCC1A. Without the autogi from SC4. Makes fall in counter. Stuns when hits. The stun does not give any possibility. Ridiculous damage.

C2A – Former C3A. From « Divine blow » it becomes « pathetic blow ». Still TC. Slow. No priority in block. No auto-gi. Does not make fall. Stun with maybe a possible 4A afterwards.

C3A – Former C2A. No auto-gi. Gives a little priority. Good damage. Is composed of two distinct hits, which brings the possibility of Auto-gi, just guard, GI the second. So the priority is useless and the blow becomes punishable. From a zoning blow it becomes a risky one, not even useful in Whiff punish.

C4A – low damage compared to the fact you’ve been deprived of A during one third of the match. Comes out in 20 seconds.

C4B – Good damage. Comes out in 20 seconds.

WS A+B is now A+B. 99K not tested. Don’t know if it’s safe.

3BB, 3BA, seem not to have changed at all, unlike the steps. The result is easily predictable…

C3A : Second move from C3A auto-GIable since you can’t do just the first move.

22K A : does not seem to have changed, it still looks useless.

3K : it’s still her quickest mid.

For the TC moves, 2A is one, but we’ll see for 2K. C3BB, C2A, 44A, 4B, 1A are TC at one moment.

For 6A+B I had made something like that…I don’t remember the technique but it did change.Same for 6B+K.

I’ve not seen any former 4B nor 4A+B.

For some moves, they may have disappeared or changed keys or maybe they have not been implemented yet.
The fact that nothing is assigned to A+K shows that the character does not have all her moves.

Throws are the same.

Not tested : 9K, 6K, 22A, 66A+B, 99K, Back throw.

Nowhere to be found : 11K, 2A+K, FCC, 2A+BK

– Her CE

Average damage. Linear and hardly useful in combos.

The critical edge can be chained after 22B. But for the others it was not easy to test without shortcuts.

– Good stuff and good surprises

3A and 22B. Two pretty good moves without charges. She plays the distance.

– Possible cracks

I don’t see any. Very few RO. No half-bar. No credible blockstun.

More Hilde’s notes from other players :

3B BraveEdge -> It does the end of the former FC C3A K B

B+G BraveEdge -> It does her special throw.

The throw BE B+G does wall splat on the wall and then nothing. Either it’s not finished, or we’ll have something to do like BE 3B and combo.

6A+B is now A+B. It’s a very interesting move as you can charge it. The first hit is a circular A which looks full anti side (so from both sides). The B is guard break so this leaves you advantage.

2A+B : The best TC move found by Hajin is 2A+B. It’s an ultra quick shoulder bash that makes the opponent fall on the ground in front of Hilde. (A little like her former WsA+B) Probably unsafe but very strong. Not a long range though. But it’s a « super quick mid » too.

44B : To get out of hand to hand fight, the 44B (former 1B) is pretty good. She has blows that push back pretty well and her 4A (the former 6A+K) is still as quick.

4B becomes 66B and stuns in neutral.

Her CE is garanteed after Side step B when hits.

3A : (44A in SC4) It auto GIs at the moment when she raises the sword, it’s very short.
It’s also possible to charge the move by keeping the button pressed down and it becomes a mid guard break. So advantage. If the auto gi is triggered, the animation begins immediately.
To make it simple, it’s a mid guard break blow that auto GI the Bs at the beginning of the animation.


To my mind, this event made me even more excited for Soul Calibur V. I had the occasion to play against good SC players and I think the game has the potential to be more complicated for the gameplay (especially with the bar meter), but it’s still accessible. Even SC hardcore players will have to adapt and take time to be used to this new SC, and it’s something good I think. I like discovering new things, so that I don’t have the impression to play the exact same game.

I can’t wait for more reveals about SC5 now…I love the soundtrack, and Hilde’s theme is still my favourite. But Daishi Odashima said he likes Viola’s theme, but that he can’t tell which is his favourite theme at the moment since it’s not something announced. 🙂

It took me a lot of time to write this article (translations, videos updates, researches for impressions of players…), so that’s why it’s a bit more than one week after my session…I hope you enjoyed it.

Thank you very much for your support. 🙂


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