2019 ended on quite a peculiar note,  as I finally got into Super Smash Bros. thanks to you all and of your support !

I must admit beginning nearly from scratch proved to be quite difficult, as I never really played the game aside from a few matches against friends, but it feels exhilirating to do so ! I’m learning new tricks all the time and each day playing feels like a significant improvement over the last. Being directly taught the stuff by players such as NTK and Leon did help a lot, I’ll admit, but still, this game is so damn fun I’ll gladly play it on my off time !

Here are the first videos. The first is a players’ guide to Lucina, featuring a handful of neat tricks thanks to Leon and the second was made basically the first week I played the game, featuring NTK. The first video is a bit more on the serious side, while the second cranks up the goofiness up to 11 ! Enjoy !

The one featuring NTK :