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Kayane & Keysona Interview Soul Calibur V Producer Hisaharu Tago @ Paris Games Week

Hello !

Keysona and I had the occasion to interview Soul Calibur V Producer Hisaharu Tago-san at Paris Games Week !

Kayane, Tago-san, Keysona : So many cameras that we all looked at different camera XD !

Thanks to Tago-san again for his kindness and passion, it’s so great to interview him because he’s so much enjoyed by the game, we can see it when he talks. It’s a great pleasure !
And also, thanks to Hayato, European community manager, who translated in French-Japanese. Once again, he did a great job for allowing the French community to have a moment with Tago-san and also have some times to play the new demo. Thanks to Kiri and Bobby who recorded the video !
Thanks to Namco Bandai for the great events around Soul Calibur V for this Paris Games Week.

So we have two different interviews with many different subjects, both are interesting !
I mainly talk about the characters gameplay, story mode, introductions and endings, musics…

Check it out !
Keysona from the Gnouz Corp talks about the relationship between Namco Bandai and its community with follow-up, tournaments etc…, the Online and Team Battle modes, the development of the game…

Check out this interesting interview !


Hope you

Towel my fragrance baby try bought – tea baking which this Nude benefits either.

enjoyed them, I can’t wait for Soul Calibur V !


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