Happy new year 2020 ! Here’s a small revival/flashback session from 2015, when I went to Japan to celebrate the new year ! The video included doesn’t have any subtitles, but I think it’s worth watching for the atmosphere alone. Hope you don’t mind and enjoy this small blast from the past !

Happy 2015 to y’all !!!!!!!!!!

Even though people don’t tend to celebrate Christmas in Japan (there, it’s more a holiday for couples and children rather than a family gathering), New Year’s a whole other beast ! It’s a really important celebration that’s lived with the family and people tend to see parents and relatives. They choose either to celebrate it the traditional way in temples or do it our way in Shibuya or Roppongi…

And so with some friends of mine we decided to celebrate this day the traditional way by going tothe Senso-Ji Temple in Asakusa !

Here’s a small VLOG about my New Year’s Eve in Japan!

And here are a few photos of this memorable moment !

I wish you all lots of good moments for 2015 and hope your projects will bear fruit !!!

Take care of you and those close to you !