[INSCRIPTIONS CLOSES] En l’espace de 3h vous avez été 60 à vous inscrire ! Cela prouve votre intérêt à commencer les jeux de combat ! Ca me fait vraiment plaisir ! Merci infiniment, je vous dis à très vite ! J’envoie un mail de confirmation ce soir à ceux qui ont pu répondre suffisamment tôt à l’appel!

Cela fait un moment que je vous en parlais via les réseaux sociaux, le concept de donner des cours gratuits de jeux de combat !

C’est désormais un projet concrétisé grâce à la Bibliothèque Vaclav Havel et leur projet de promouvoir le jeu vidéo via leur espace dédié, une excellente initiative pour permettre aux clients d’accéder et de jouer gratuitement à pleins de jeux dans un environnement très sympa!

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I’ve been talking for a while through social networks about the idea of giving free fighting games lessons!

This project in now a reality thanks to the Vaclav Havel library and their project of promoting video games through a dedicated area, a great initiative to allow the visitors to access and play for free to many games in a very nice and comfortable place!

So I’ll give on the next 8th of March : 3 initiation lessons of fighting games destined to real beginners, those who have never touched an arcade stick in their lives but wish to discover fighting games, or of course to those who enjoy the games but would like to reach the next skill level to take them more seriously!

Whatever the game you wish to play, the goal of these sessions is to explain the basics of fighting games that will work will all of them (even if of course every game is different, many rules and tips are common).

You will be able to ask me at this occasion whatever question you wish, and I’ll give you details to join the communities of the main up-to-date fighting games along with a list of websites that will surely help you a lot to increase your skills. I sure hope I will be able to encourage you to play !
There will be 3 lessons of 2-2h30 each, with a capacity of maximum 20 players per lesson.

For now it’s only in Paris, in France, but hopefully this kind of events can inspire others to make same things in their country to attract more people playing fighting games ! 🙂 In less than 3 hours, 60 people have registered and they’re willing to discover this world, so let’s make it happen !