Earlier this week I had the opportunity of being invited on France Inter (a French national radio) as a guest for the show Popopop ! With Antoine de Caunes (a very famous and respected actor and television presenter) and Charline Roux,we talked about my career, EVO Japan and movies, books and shows I really love and « define me ». Them being the manga Berserk, the TV Show Game of Thrones (not counting the last season) and the movie Princess Mononoke, I think you’ll figure out they found that they kinda had a few common themes and traits 😆 

The show then took another turn, still gaming-focused, with the interview of a part of the team behind Life is Strange ! I love the games, so that was quite the nice coincidence they too were invited there !

If you can understand French, you can find the show’s replay on France Inter’s website and here’s a small clip underneath.

Being on a show where video games were treated as any other normal subjects and not this thing that was always presented as something « new and thus terrifying » a few years back felt like a really nice change of pace ! And them having also people from the game’s industry that aren’t the rare usual suspects is also amazing to see and I hope this trend goes on 😀