French Soul Calibur V Launch event is over and I thank everybody who came to the event, it was a success with more than 100 players testing the game !
All the pictures in my Facebook!

There was a tournament (64 players) decisive for the selection of Team France for World Game Cup.

I won the tournament with Leixia ! So I'm happy because it shows the way I found how to play her is a good way and effective, it's very different from Xianghua I think, so I hope you'll enjoy my matches. 🙂

Kayane (with Mad Catz Soul Calibur V Fightstick) won Soul Calibur V tournament

Here are the results of the tournament ! (64 players) :

1) Kayane (Leixia)
2) Hayate (Xiba/ZWEI)
3-4) Saitoh (Astaroth)
3-4) Pantocrator (Siegfried)
5-8) Keev (Nightmare)
5-8) Akire (Mitsurugi)
5-8) Keysona (Patroklos)
5-8) DTN (Yoshimitsu)

Here are the videos from the tournament : (I linked the videos directly to the matches concerned so that you don't watch 15min per video all the time since it's recorded from the streaming) :


Pantocrator (Siegfried) VS Keysona (Patroklos)

Hayate (ZWEI) VS Akire (Mitsurugi) : Kayane (Leixia) VS Keev (Nightmare)

Saitoh (Astaroth) VS DTN (Yoshimitsu)


Pantocrator (Siegfried) VS Hayate (ZWEI) Kayane (Leixia) VS Saitoh (Astaroth)

FINALE : Kayane (Leixia) VS Hayate (Xiba)

Finale Kayane VS Hayate

If you want to watch the finale in full screen :

If you want to see more videos, please go to my Youtube Channel !

Casuals videos of me playing Leixia :

Hope you enjoyed the matches ! I hope to meet you many Soul Calibur V players in all over the world to play ! 🙂

I thank Malek who organized the tournament for

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me, since I was the event organizer I would not have been able to play and organize in same time, but since this tournament was decisive to make the Team FRANCE for World Game Cup, he organized for me!
I also thank Furzy, Hazu, Asenka who helped for the streaming ! And Dina, Chiyo, Akire, Hazu who brought the consoles missing.

See you for World Game Cup at Cannes for big Soul Calibur V tournaments!