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[23/09/11] Soul Calibur V Invitational Session with Kayane & Namco Bandai

Hi everybody, as I previously announced, I organize an event with Namco Bandai for Soul Calibur V !!
A big Thanks to Namco Bandai to allow the french community to play the Demo just after

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Tokyo Games Show !! I am very honored to organize this event.

Salut à tous, Comme je l’avais précédemment annoncé, j’organise avec Namco une soirée Soul Calibur V !!
Un énorme merci à Namco Bandai pour permettre à la communauté française de profiter en avant-première de la Demo peu après le Tokyo Games Show !! Je suis très honorée d’organiser cet évènement.

Streaming will be available on this link around 6:30pm until midnight, french time. So make sure to verify which hour correspond to your country. I will mainly commentate the streaming, so if you have questions, you will be able to ask directly on the chat. In case I can’t reply on stream, you can post a comment in my blog and I’ll reply later.
A big shoutout to Furzy to make this streaming possible!
Le streaming sera disponible sur ce lien vers 18h30 jusqu’à minuit, heure française. Je commenterais principalement le streaming, alors si vous aurez des questions, n’hésitez pas à les poser sur le chat. Au cas où je ne peux pas répondre, vous pouvez poster un commentaire sur le blog et j’y répondrais plus tard.
Un énorme merci à Furzy qui rend ce streaming possible!

Follow me on my Twitter to make sure you don’t miss the event, and you will have many news directly from there.
Abonnez-vous sur mon Twitter pour être sur de ne pas rater l’évènement, et vous aurez des news constamment sur l’évènement.

Follow my Facebook page, especially if you don’t have a Twitter account, mine is synchronised with FB.
Suivez ma page Facebook, surtout au cas où vous n’avez pas de compte Twitter, le mien est synchronisé avec FB.

Subscribe to my Youtube account, there will be many SC5 videos from the event that will be uploaded as soon as possible.
Abonnez-vous à mon compte Youtube, il y aura beaucoup de vidéos de SC5 enregistrées de l’évènement qui seront en ligne aussi vite que possible.

Kayane & Namco Invitational Soul Calibur V Session

Apportez vos sticks et manettes !
Date :
Friday, September 23th 2011 / Vendredi 23 Septembre 2011
Horaires :
6pm – 00am / 18h – 00h
Adresse :
Utopia Gamespace, 65 rue Pixerecourt, 75020 Paris
Entrée gratuite, mais sur invitation uniquement

Guests List / Liste des invités :

1) Kayane
2) Malek
3) Saitoh
4) Scud
5) Ahriman
6) Keysona
7) Dems
8 ) Varghas
9) Furzy
10) Keev
11) Dina
12) Chiyo
13) Kiira
14) Mayura
15) Asenka
16) Sakon
17) Akiru
18) Akire
19) Pantocrator
20) Freackysound
21) Yota
22) Chris
23) Xso
24) Deus Kaliya
25) Eggmaster
26) Hajin
27) Ryukozan
28) Zou
29) Tsubasa
30) Hazu
31) Captain Algeria
32) Cassandra
33) Steeve
34) PTT
35) Raziel
36) Wael
37) Hayate
38) Cop DT7
39) Fenrir
40) Zappy
41) Kerrigan
42) Ran
43) Cynefyl
44) Mystic
45) Saunic
46) Ramza
47) Samsam
48) Mister H (Watchdamatch)
49) Rodolphe (représentant guyanais)

See you ! A bientôt !

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13 commentaires

  1. Hi Kayane!

    I am excited to see this! Soul Calibur is one of my favorite series’, so it will be amazing to see how this one is going to do. I hope it will be good.

    I wonder if I can ask you a few questions that maybe you can answer after you get to play? =)

    Do you think guard impacts will be better in SC5? In SC4, I think they were not very good because they didn’t give a lot of advantage for guessing right, so I hope this time, it will be worth it to use. Do you think it will be after playing it?

    And the new block. I don’t know what it’s called, but it’s like just guard, you glow blue. Is that very good? Like, can you punish after you do it? What kind of advantage will it give?

    And um… specific question about Mitsurugi, because he is my favorite ^^
    How do you think he is in SC5? Faster, slower? Do you think he will be versatile like he is in SC2?
    Does Half Moon Death and Full Moon Death have all the moves from before, or limited, unblockable only, like in SC4? How does he feel to you?

    Sorry for so many questions. Have fun with the game! I can’t wait to watch! Thanks for this opportunity!


  2. Thanks for the stream Kayane. I have one question for you and if you can’t answer it then it’s a request for you.

    Did the SC team (Tago-san or Odashima-san) said anything about DLC characters?
    Because I REALLY would like to know if there’s any chance Hwang can be released as a dlc character or if there’s any point in us fans asking for him… I mean we’ve been asking for him since SC2 and still nothing…

    So, if you don’t know anything about dlc, please, please, pleaaaaaase, ask the development team about DLC characters, specifically Hwang. You’re the one who gets the most recognition in the community and the one who has the most exposure with the SC team.
    I know many people would like to see their favorite characters as dlc, if they’re not in SC5, but please. Hwang and Li Long fans have been waiting the most. I ask specifically for Hwang. Please mention this to the SC team.

  3. Wonderful stuff! I hope you can post direct-feed vids. People online really need to see how beautiful this game is, and till now videos have been usually cam vids that just don’t do it justice. Looking forward to the stream then! ^___^

  4. Thanks so much for this kayane,now we can actually see what the characters are really like instead of just speculating certain things bad about them because the people playing on the SCV videos dont seem to know what they are doing,since some things might be and not be planned to be changed so we can let daishi know about it then

    they should have you or a character like you as a guest or extra character or something!ill post on your twitter too to ask my question

    if possible could you find out if tira has changed in SCV yet apart from buffs to moves we have seen,which are good but we think she needs a lot more work done to her yet, we dont know if they are doing big changes for her right now or not,they might think that she is ok now and we dont think so at all we dont want her low tier again,so could you possibly ask if they are still making big changes to her and if she is going to be low tier still?we would really appreciate that
    tira has lots of potential to be high tier even but there just not utilizing it at all

  5. AWESOME stream! I’m so glad you were able to do this and share with us! I’m really excited about Soul Calibur 5 after seeing more (most uninterrupted) play. We are both Xianghua players so I know you must be excited as me to see Leixia~!

  6. Worst game ever, worst stream ever and worst Natsu ever : )
    Just kidding, it was a pretty good demo of SC5 potencial and I’m glad with the outcome of the game : D

    Thanks a lot for the stream Kayane, Namco and the other SC players.

  7. WOW WOW WOW !!!!!
    This streaming event was so powerful and so intense!! The players that went there just offered us a pure moment ! Thank you and « good game » to all of them. Many thanks to Namco, the organisors and many thanks to you, especially!!

    Also this evening was the opportunity to chat with our correspondents located all around the world and representing the international communities of SoulCalibur. OMG I just wouldn’t have realized lots of fun we had If I hadn’t been there with them too! Everybody online was great, knews what they were talking about concerning the technical aspects of the demo, in the same time everybody was up to a very large and communicating sense of humour XD … Just AWESOME !!!

    We’re looking forward to having other events like this one until the game and/or the demo comes out at home! Also we offer a huge Big Up to Project Soul for being attentive to our requests for SoulCalibur 5.

    The balance between characters evolves to a positive way, and it’s not finished yet ^^

    Now all we do hope, after the streaming’s discussions, is the return of some sliding arenas, a character close to SC1 Hwang’s gameplay, and lots of sexy elegant gears! … yes indeed, lol !!

    Daishi-kun may have received those request by twitt, but we’re afraid that they got lost into other messages he received from different parts months ago :'((

    Anyway thank you for everything you’re doing Kayane! Cause it’s a big full-time job!

    We stay tunned! take care ;D

  8. ah SoulCalibur 5, j’aimerais bien être sur Paris 🙁
    Cela me rappellerait ma branlée prise en tournois par une petite fille de 8 ans accompagnée de ses 2 frères, il y a bien longtemps, sur SoulCalibur 2… 🙂

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